PDC 2008 day 2

29 10 2008

Some quick notes:

  1. windows 7 is more like a Vista R2 and this time focus is on performance and UI. It will look nicer. OSX and iPhone/iPod user will recognize some features. With combination TouchSmart from HP it looks like Surface.
  2. SilverLight toolkit is release now SilverLight has the basic line of components to create business application. Like treeview .
  3. jQuery is the toolkit for Ajax implementation.
  4. in stead of web service we should look at SilverLight service.
  5. With future entity framework we could get more efficient system. No change of data model or code. And all activities there will be open so that you can generate your own schema. ( entity on demand )
  6. Velocity is impressive. Load balancing of cache. Performance . It looks more like a database but in memory. Release middle of 2009.
  7. SQL Data service looks not so promising. It will not be straight forward move to cloud service.
  8. Visual studio 2010 is based on WPF. Customize makes easier.



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