To use only client part or dragpanel

12 11 2007

You will need


<asp:ScriptManager ID=”ScriptManager1″ runat=”server” >
    <Scripts >                          

<asp:ScriptReference Name=”AjaxControlToolkit.Common.Common.js” Assembly=”AjaxControlToolkit”  />
<asp:ScriptReference Name=”AjaxControlToolkit.ExtenderBase.BaseScripts.js” Assembly=”AjaxControlToolkit”  />
<asp:ScriptReference Name=”AjaxControlToolkit.Compat.Timer.Timer.js” Assembly=”AjaxControlToolkit”  />
<asp:ScriptReference Name=”AjaxControlToolkit.Compat.DragDrop.DragDropScripts.js” Assembly=”AjaxControlToolkit”  />    
<asp:ScriptReference Name=”AjaxControlToolkit.Compat.Blocking.js” Assembly=”AjaxControlToolkit”  />
<asp:ScriptReference Name=”AjaxControlToolkit.DragPanel.FloatingBehavior.js” Assembly=”AjaxControlToolkit”  />





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