External index database

9 08 2007

I begin to make an external index database to make listing and search faster. Basic is on page changing index the information to external database which is lean and mean. It only indexes information that is required in listing and searching and it will container diffierent store for different listing needs.


I begin with a configuration file that can show some possiblity.


    <pagetype name=’BlogItem’/>
    <pagetype name=’Blog’/>
  <store name=’Default’/>
 Default value don’t need be defined here:
  All property will index as string
  value in ‘indexas’ field will be name in index database. otherwise use name.
  property with seperator field defined will be indexed as array.
    <property name=’PageName’ indexas=’name’/>
    <property name=’BlogContainer’ indexas=’blog’ handler=’SampleHandler.Sample,Sample’/>
    <property name=’PageCategory’ indexas=’tag’ seperator=’,’/>




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